The 12 Apostles

There is always a sense of anticipation when you first pull up to the car park of a place you've seen so many photos of on social media over the years. You hope that it lives up to the photos you've seen. When people talk of the Great Ocean Road, this is the place that that comes to mind, the 12 Apostles. There are so many beautiful places to explore on and around this 243 km stretch of road that runs along the south eastern coast of Australia but the 12 Apostles remains the premiere attraction for most. As I caught my first glimpse of one of the Apostles, I knew straight away that there would be no disappointment in what I was about to see, it was stunning! And that was in the middle of the day with people lined about 3 deep around the viewing areas. So, I came back for sunrise the following day, and shared this view with only a few other people. 

#12Apostles #GreatOceanRoad #Australia #Victoria #RoadTrip

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