Wilsons Prom

Wilsons Prom = 😍😍😍 Wilsons Prom already had a bit of a head start with being a place I was going to visit when I was looking at the map and deciding where to go on my Australian road trip. My dog back at home is called Wilson, so it's always a name I notice as I'm driving around on the other side of the world from him. You wouldn't believe how many streets, bays, bridges and parks are named Wilson something! I'd also heard a lot of good things and seen some great photos from a friend who visited Wilsons Prom while she was in Australia. So, I was excited to spend a few days exploring as much as I could. Expectations were high but Wilsons Prom exceeded them easily. What a stunning place! 😍 

#WilsonsProm #Seascape #Australia #RoadTrip

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Welshpool, Wales


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