Au Revoir New Zealand!!

I've been contemplating what I would post on my last day in New Zealand but in the end it was an easy decision. This photo has all the elements that I will remember from my time here... Mountains, sunsets, the forests, lakes and reflections and a few sandflies too! But aside from the stunning landscape I will personally always remember Lake Matheson as a place of friendship and happiness. I spent my favourite sunrise of the whole 12 months here because I had amazing company for it (you know who you are 😉) and I talked to so many nice people when I came back for the sunset (probably because I was stood in the same spot for two hours). In fact, everyone I have spoken to in the last 12 months has left me with a smile on my face, whether it be a passing comment, a 5 minute chat or a few hours of conversation. I hope that I have left you guys with a smile too (at the very least with some of the photos I've taken!) I am very sad to leave New Zealand, it had been a dream to come here for a very long time and the reality of actually being here has far exceeded those dreams. I thought New Zealand may be a once in a lifetime experience but I know now that there is no way I can let that be the case, I will be back! So I won't say "goodbye", I shall just say "au revoir" to the stunningly beautiful country of New Zealand!! 

#LakeMatheson #NewZealand #Sunset #MountCook

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