Waking up to waterfalls

There's nothing like a face full of spray from a waterfall to wake you up in the morning! . It's always exciting waking up in the morning when you've arrived somewhere after dark and discovering where you are for the first time! . It seemed like I was driving forever along single track, gravel roads to find my camp spot for the night, with only the passing sheep eyes reflecting my headlights and my growing doubts that I was going in anywhere near the right direction for company. When I eventually reached the end of the road and got myself parked up, the weather was so bad I didn't even attempt to wander around to figure out if there was a big waterfall near by. So, waking up and only having to walk for a couple of minutes to see this beauty was definitely a relief! . I had the place to myself, so thought I would try a waterfall selfie and, as it turned out, have a fully clothed shower and wash all my camera gear in one go with the huge amount of spray coming from the falls! 

#waterfall #selfie #NewZealand #NorthIsland

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