Goodbye Jeff!!

After 10 months and 28,000km's of travelling around New Zealand it is finally time to say goodbye to my van "Jeff" πŸ™ . When I bought him, I just wanted a van that would last for at least three months and get me around as much of New Zealand as possible without any major mechanical issues in that time. I thought I had probably paid too much for him but 10 months later, 28,000km's and the freedom he has given me to explore and wake up with some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen makes the price seem an absolute bargain now! . On top of that, he has not let me down once, he's started first time every time and got me to every sunrise I wanted to see (even when in was minus 10) He's had no major mechanical issues at all and no road or track has defeated him, just one popped tyre when I accidentally ended up on a 4wd track! . I don't get overly attached to inanimate objects but I have to say that it is definitely sad to say goodbye to my New Zealand home! . Thanks for the memories Jeff!! 😊 

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