Six months in NZ!

I have just gone past the six months mark on my New Zealand trip and it feels like it could've been six weeks, the time has flown by! 

After spending the first month in Auckland I began my road trip on New Year's Eve, having watched the sunrise for the final time in 2017, and I have not stopped moving since. Jeff (my van) has taken me over 16000 km's since that day and to be honest (aside from a few gravel roads) I think he is enjoying the journey as much as me! Over the past four months I have camped, hiked and photographed my way around the South Island. Visiting all the National Parks (at least twice) and so many places in between. I've watched the sun rise and set more times than I ever have in my life and seen more stars than is even possible to comprehend (although I think I might be getting close with the number of photographs I've taken!) I seem to have had some luck with the weather during my trip too (well... if you don't count the two cyclones, waking up to a surprise four inches of snow or having the doors frozen shut by what can only describe as an inch long fur of ice covering the whole van). I have had clear views of Mount Cook for sunrise and set, driven to Milford Sound with fresh snow lining the cliffs and windless days providing lakes with perfect reflections all over the place! New Zealand has far exceeded my expectations, you look at photographs and hear tales of a place but nothing come close to seeing it in real life. If my photos, and I hope they do, make even just one or two people feel they would like to visit New Zealand then all I can say is "make it happen!" Find a way to get here because the real thing is something pretty special! (Then come back and buy one of my prints! 😂) 


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