Introducing "Jeff"

This is 'Jeff' my transport and home whilst I'm travelling around New Zealand. Jeff likes: 1. Petrol 2. Making a slightly different, strange noise every time he starts. 3. Occasionally pretending he's a 4WD. 4. Storing a swarm of sandflies so when you finally find the holy grail of a campsite with no sandflies, you end up getting bitten by the ones from the last two camps! Jeff dislikes: 1. Sharp rocks that pop his tyres. 2. Having his lights left on while is owner is wandering about in a forest for hours. 3. Small shopping mall parking spaces. Jeff has been my home for almost three months now and has already taken me around both islands. So far he's conquered (almost) every challenge I have thrown at him and on top of that, sheltered me from the remnants of two cyclones! Hopefully, with a bit of looking after, he will safely get me back around both islands and to all the places I want to see in New Zealand. Here Jeff is taking in the views of Mount Ruapehu in Tongariro National Park. 

#NewZealand #tongariro #MountRuapehu #travelling #camping #backpacking

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