My Social Media Introduction!

I finally decided to post a photo of me on my social media pages and introduce myself a little to the people following me. Thought I best share it on my blog too! So, it went a little something like this....

So this is me, @blackkeyphotography, otherwise known as Chris, and this is about as close as I get to taking a selfie! I'm not going to do a big 'about me' speech, if you want to know more about me you can have a look at my website (link is in my bio) but I realised that I have never really introduced myself on social media! I am a Welsh guy from a small village in Mid Wales. About two years ago I made the decision to leave a job that was making me very unhappy. With no clue what to do after making such a big choice, I decided to spend some time concentrating on the things that made me happy. I had always enjoyed being outdoors and taking photos so I decided that would be my path, for a little while at least. After building up my collection of photos of Welsh landscapes I was encouraged by my family to set up my Black Key Photography website and social media accounts so a few more people could see my photos, which again you can read more about on my website. Also, at some point over the last two years I decided it was about time I fulfilled my life long ambition of travelling to New Zealand. After some weird and wonderful ways of making and saving money, and a lot of help and support from my family, I am now in New Zealand! I've got myself a camper van, who I will introduce to you in a later post, and I'm travelling around as much of New Zealand as possible during my time here. I have already done a quick tour of both islands and now I am heading back around again! This time spending more time in the places I loved and exploring as many new places as possible, and I have my camera with me! So, hopefully you'll enjoy the photos I post from my trip and have enjoyed the ones I have posted already! Thanks for following my account and for the great comments you guys give me! The photo above was taken near Lake Tekapo in the Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve, the world's largest dark sky reserve. 

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